About us!

5+ Years of Illustrating

With over 5 years of experience in illustrating fabrics and creating innovative pieces, our artistic journey is defined by the vibrant hues we bring to life.

Our voice is the embodiment of color, capturing bold expressions and fostering inclusivity in every design.

Beginnings in Mexico

Our journey started in Mexico with a simple idea of creating handcrafted drawings and bags.

Soon, our path led us to participate in numerous wholesale expos, where the resonance of our products was undeniable.

As we grew, our focus shifted, with 95% of our sales directed towards wholesale partnerships.

Venturing into the USA

In 2022, we embarked on a new chapter as we expanded our operations to the United States.

For the first time, we embraced direct sales to the general public. The overwhelming response has been heartwarming, with multiple sold-out instances reflecting the genuine appreciation for our offerings.

Our sales avenues include festivals, markets, online platforms, and expos.

Customized Creations

We specialize in the art of customization, tailoring our pieces for corporate projects, weddings, conventions, and licenses.

Our expertise also extends to design services, ensuring each creation resonates with personal preferences and brand identities.

Our dedication to delivering personalized excellence sets us apart.

Let's talk about Teporingo!

What is my name?

Everyone knows me by different names, some call me Zacatuche or Volcano Rabbit, but my favorite is TEPORINGO!

My characteristics

Length of 12.99 inches
Weight between 0.99 and 1.54 pounds
-Back: Gray color

-Sides: Yellowish with black

  • Where do I live?

    I live on the slopes of only four extinct volcanoes
    in central Mexico:
    Pelado, Tláloc, Iztaccíhuatl, Popocatépetl.

  • What do I eat?

    I am an herbivorous creature, which means I feed on plants and tree bark to obtain all my nutrients.
    But my favorite food is zacatón grass.

  • Urbanization

  • Agricultural development

  • Climate change


It is believed that there are less than 7,000 specimens in the wild.

Actions for my conservation

It is illegal to hunt me

In Mexico, it is illegal to hunt me, but greater enforcement of this law is needed.
The indigenous community of Milpa Alta is committed to protecting me, but they are limited by a lack of funding and resources

Take care of me!